Missions Strategic Plan

I. Foreign Mission Immediate Goals

a. Win souls for Christ on a global level

b. Promote self-sufficiency within Mission areas of Interest

c. Establish/plant churches in other foreign areas not specified above

d. Establishment of Foreign Dioceses

e. Establishment of global giving for foreign aid (Impact network/broadcasting segments etc.)

f. Establishment of foreign mission website

II. Recruitment of Foreign Missionaries

a. Recruitment Retreat/Training

b. The appointment of Missionaries

c. Regional Missionary Assignments

III. The Establishment of Foreign Mission Locations of Interest (listed in order of Mission priority)

a. Haiti

b. Dominican Republic

c. Kenya, Africa (Kisi County)

IV. The Reestablishment of former First Born Churches (Fellowship/Organizational Covering)

a. England

b. Jamaica

c. Bahamas

V. Phase Implementation Priority

Phase I

  • Establish durable financial support mechanism for missions.
  • Implement necessary changes that will sustain the Mission Department

Phase II

  • Set dates for ongoing Foreign Mission Retreat training and certify and appoint Foreign Missionaries to areas of interest
  • Establish Annual Mission Trip Plan/Travel Schedule

Phase III

  • Provide support for Foreign Mission Locations (with a goal of self-sufficiency as the end result)
  • Follow up on status and feedback on self-sufficient approach
  • Establish First Born Church Regional Foreign Mission Directors

Phase IV

  • Plant Churches/Missions in Africa, Haiti and the Dominican Republic
  • Establish and strengthen fellowship with former First Born Churches in England, Jamaica, and the Bahamas