Bishop of Foreign Missions

Bishop Carl L. Camon is a man of God, with a passion for the people of God.  He pledges his support to the First Born Church Of The Living God, Inc., and to those in need. He is an Air Force Veteran, former Mayor, and former Gubernatorial Candidate.  Bishop Camon also served as Pastor of Howard Memorial Tabernacle (Pensacola, FL), prior to his appointment as Bishop of Foreign Missions. He brings his expertise and years of service to mankind, to the Department of Foreign Missions. Bishop Camon serves as Chief Advisor for Foreign Missions, as well as volunteering his time to support the cause, as much as he is able to do so. Currently, all services rendered to the First Born Foreign Mission is on a non-paid volunteer basis, as well as the position that Bishop Camon holds. Bishop Camon is adamant, with regards to his belief that God will provide and is often known for sharing with others this question that God asked him some years ago, "Do you want man to bless you or God to Bless you?"  Bishop Camon’s reply to God was that he would rather God Bless Him! 

Bishop Camon is married to First Lady, Pastor Angela Camon and they have four children.